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Animal Shelter Donation Partner for November 2022: Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been rescuing, caring for, and finding homes for homeless and abandoned animals since 1960. RCHS is dedicated to the welfare of all animals and strives to provide a safe and loving environment for them until they can be placed in permanent, responsible homes. The Rancho Coastal Humane Society is one of San Diego’s largest animal shelters and is known for its innovative programs, exemplary customer service, and commitment to the community.

Some of the programs that RCHS offers include:

  • An adoption center that features adoptable animals of all kinds, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more

  • A variety of educational programs for both children and adults

  • A pet food bank that provides free pet food to low-income families

  • A volunteer program that offers a wide range of opportunities for people of all ages

Fetch the Sun Sales Support RCHS

For the month of November 2022, Fetch the Sun will be donating a portion of all sales to RCHS. For any matching dog and owner shirt set, dog shirt, dog mom/dog dad shirt, or hoodie sold, we will be donating $2 back to this amazing organization. For any hat sold, we will be donating $1. Best of all, due to the enormous generosity of donors, RCHS will be receiving a match of funds in November that will take our donation even further!

Fetch the Sun's Animal Shelter Donation Program

A photo of Fetch the Sun's founders adopting Lucy from Helen Woodward Animal Center

Since Fetch the Sun's establishment in 2019, we've donated a portion of each and every sale to animal rescue organizations. To date, we've donated to over a dozen different animal rescues and shelters across the United States.

Our goal is to help as many animals in need as possible, and we are extremely proud of what this program has accomplished so far. We couldn't have done it without the amazing support of our customers, and we are so grateful for your continued patronage. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of animals in need!