April 2022 Featured Dog: Calvin Calhoun

Updated: Jul 24

Meet Calvin our featured dog of the month for April. Calvin Calhoun came to us from shelter life. From 7 months old he was at Animal Resource Center, a no kill animal shelter in Pennsylvania. There he was absolutely the positivity and social mascot!

He is SO SOCIAL, loves to play and be around other dogs and people. His favorite thing is riding in our boats to “zoomie” island where we let the dogs out to zoom around while river adventuring. Ironically his birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and it truly shines in the love he exudes to his people and his doggo friends!

We rescued him in March 2020 when he was 2 and the adventure began for him. We live on a river and have little plastic boats, so naturally the dogs go with us. Calvin has what we refer to as “peach fuzz” with no real hair. Just skin with some fuzz!

In the summer when the sun is beating down, he wears his Fetch the Sun hat! His Pitty forehead is so big that he needs sun protection, and the hat is perfect to protect him! I have tried many different ideas for hats and tried other “dog hats” but the functionality is incomparable to the Fetch the Sun PupLid hat. The functionality of the hat is huge for Calvin, he doesn’t shake it off and it covers his whole head!

He is always super thankful to wear it otherwise the sun gets him a little red, hence the nickname piglet. He’s got the snorts, ears, appetite, hair, and build of a pig! Fetch The Sun keeps his face from getting sunburned and he loves to wear it! He’s a bright happy stubborn soul and we love him!

Fetch The Sun loves him too and following his boat life adventures!