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Animal Shelter Donation Partner for September 2022: Baja Animal Sanctuary

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The Baja Animal Sanctuary dog shelter logo

The Baja Animal Sanctuary is committed to rescuing dogs and cats from the streets of Mexico and providing them with food, medical care, and love for the rest of their lives. Once puppies are old enough, or sick animals are well enough, they are spayed & neutered. BAS's goal is to find a forever home for every animal, but when this isn't possible, the un-adoptable animals will stay at BAS permanently. The Baja Animal Sanctuary is the only no-kill shelter in northern Mexico and at any given time, they care for over 400 dogs & cats!

They are a non-profit organization and donations help cover the costs of food, shelter, and veterinary care for all of the animals in their care. For the month of September 2022, Fetch the Sun will donate 10% of all sales to The Baja Animal Sanctuary.