February 2022 Featured Dog: El Rayito Blanco

Updated: Mar 22

Meet our dog of the Month for February, Rayito! Rayito is a 6 year old Chihuahua / Maltese mix who came to live with his owner, Bill 5 years ago because the family he lived with couldn't keep him because of their landlord.

Rayito has a true adventure dog spirit and loves going hiking and camping with Bill. Not only that, but he also volunteers with San Diego ICO which takes underserved youth on nature outings. Rayito loves that Fetch The Sun "has very fun designs for trails and for the beach, and their shirts are super comfortable when I am climbing and jumping rocks”! Bill says “their shirts are also very durable and the colors don't fade in the wash".

Well, Rayito we love that you are a superdog who uses your love of adventure to help others! For more information on Rayito and all our monthly features subscribe to our Fetch the Sun blog on our website www.fetchthesun.com/blog

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