Finding the Perfect Size Dog Clothes for Your Pup with 3 Simple Measurements

A dog wearing a dog hoodie with a Fetch the Sun logo graphic screen printed on the back

Do you have a hard time finding dog shirts that fit your pup perfectly? In the video and text below, we’re going to show you how to measure your dog in a few simple steps to find the best fitting dog clothes available.

What you’ll need to get the best fit:

  1. Correct Tools

  2. Chest Measurement

  3. Neck Measurement

  4. Back Measurement

Tools you will need to measure your dog

You don’t really need a lot here! All you'll require is a cloth measuring tape and a good pup that needs some clothes. For the measuring tape, I like to use Singer’s 00218 60-inch cloth tape; these can be found on the typical ecommerce super stores for a few dollars.

Chest measurement

A dog being measured for dog clothes in the chest area

The first measurement we'll be taking is the chest. Also known as chest girth. Starting the measuring tape on the back, measure along the side, behind the front legs, around the chest, and up to the other side until the end of the tape reaches the beginning. It's important that we always round up to the next highest inch.

Make sure to always go behind the legs. If you run the tape in front of the dog's legs when measuring the chest, this may give you an inaccurate measurement.

Neck Measurement

A dog being measured for a dog shirt in the neck area

Next, we’ll be measuring the neck. Slide back the collar so that it doesn’t interfere with the measuring tape. Start the tape at the top of the neck and gently go around the dog’s neck until the tape reaches back to the starting point.

Back Measurement

A dog being measured for a dog hoodie in the back area

The last measurement we will be taking is the back length. Starting at the neck, extend the measuring tape straight down your pup’s back, along the center, and ending at the beginning of the tail. It’s important to note that Fetch the Sun Adventure Fetcher shirts are made to extend about halfway to three quarters of the way down the dog’s back. Although if it extends past this point, or a little before, it's ok. We don’t want to sacrifice a smaller chest, and, or neck size for a perfect fit along the back.

Now you know

Now you’ve got all the right measurements to get your dog a new wardrobe! Now you're ready to use our handy, easy-to-read measurement charts to find the best fitting clothes for your pup.

However, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us using the form on the bottom of the measurement page to get recommendations for your pup. We’ve successfully fit over 600-dogs via the internet and we’re confident we can get the perfect size for your dog.