Fetch the Sun's Featured Dog: Rusty the Surfing Min Pin

Updated: Oct 28

a surfing dog riding the waves at Del Mar Dog Beach

Our Featured dog is Rusty @rustythesurfingminpin !! You may recognize him as a big time competition surf dog with lots of style. But his rags to riches story and kind heart has won us over!

His now momma was having a hard time, having just lost her min pin Brian and her own mom being in the hospital. A trip to the shelter to cheer her up introduced her to an older min pin (Brianna) and a stray puppy (Rusty).

A surf dog chilling on the beach and wearing a No Ruff Waves dog shirt from Fetch the Sun

Rusty loved going to the beach and after putting him on a surfboard to take a picture one day, Rusty was hooked to surfing and a natural.

Now 6 years old, Rusty is a surfing dog legend in both individual and tandem riding!

He and his mom loves that "Fetch The Sun is a family owned business and the style is interpreting his vibe without speaking." We think Rusty is one pawsome dog!

A small dog wearing a surfing themed dog shirt