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Our Adventure Fetcher Dog Shirts Are One-Of-A-Kind

An Adventure Fetcher dog shirt that snaps up along the sides

Fetch the Sun's Adventure Fetcher dog shirts provide your pup with the perfect mix of style and comfort. Made from eco-friendly materials, these shirts come in six sizes to fit most breeds of dogs big and small. Plus, every purchase helps contribute to animal rescue organizations - so your pup can look good and do good at the same time!

What's an Adventure Fetcher

Most dog clothes are designed to slip over a dog’s neck and pullover their body by placing their legs and paws into arm holes. The Adventure Fetcher is a unique dog shirt we’ve developed that allows dog owners to dress their pup in a couple of ways. Use it like a regular dog shirt, or take it apart and snap it up along the sides.

It's a Snap

A dog wearing a dog shirt with snaps

The Adventure Fetcher can be put on your dog without manipulating their paws and legs. The shirt can open in a clamshell-like fashion, making it easy to slip over the neck. The convenient side snaps allow you to put the dog shirt together while it's on your pup, preventing uncomfortable leg and paw manipulation for elderly dogs with arthritis, taller canines whose legs may not fit as easily through leg holes, and pups who just dislike having their limbs moved. The Adventure Fetcher dog shirt can be put on with your pup standing up or laying down; whatever is the most comfortable way for you and your dog.

A diagram showing Fetch the Sun’s Adventure Fetcher dog shirt with snaps

Use Like a Regular Dog Shirt

A dog wearing an Adventure Fetcher dog shirt

While the Adventure Fetcher dog tee sports these convenient snaps, the dog shirt can also be used as a regular pullover by leaving the shirt together. Gently slip the shirt over your pup’s head. Once over, gently lift one leg and place the paw through the sleeve, then repeat for the other paw. Pull the rest of the shirt down over your dog’s body and straighten it out as needed.

Sizes for Big Dogs and Small Dogs

Our Adventure Fetcher dog shirts come in six sizes to fit most breeds big and small. From Mini Poodles to Huskies, you're sure to find the right size for your pup. Check out our sizing page for help on how to measure your dog and if you're stuck, help from a real human is available on every order to ensure your pup gets the best fit.