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Our Matching Dog And Owner Hiking Shirts Are A Fan Favorite

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

This blog has been moved into our historical archive as the specific products discussed below are no longer available. This archive helps preserve the history of the Fetch the Sun brand and shows how we've grown over time. Please check out our new products here.

A woman and her dog wearing matching dog and owner shirts with a hiking dog design

When it comes to matching dog and owner shirts, Fetch the Sun has you covered. Not only do we offer shirts, we also offer matching dog and owner hoodies and hats too. But one of our designs far outsells the others. It is our Tails on The Trails hiking design.

Our dog hiking design is our most popular for many reasons. One is that hiking is an easy and fun thing to do with our dogs. With the growing popularity of hiking, most of us have easy access to a trail nearby our home. And of course, dogs love to go along with us on hikes. It allows the owner and dog to both get exercise while recharging in nature and the outdoors. Why go on a regular walk when you can go for a quick hike in nature?

Versatile and Stylish

Another reason our Tails on the Trails matching dog and owner shirts are more popular is because our shirts offer some protection against getting dirty and can even help prevent some insect and tick bites. An easy on and off dog shirt provides an extra barrier of protection during hikes. They can prevent small abrasions from twigs and branches as well. Since our shirts are easy to wash, it can be used often for everyday use.

But in saying this, please use caution whenever you hike with your fur baby as our dog shirts are not the solution to all of these things. Always hike alert and aware of your surroundings, and check yourself and your pet for ticks, foxtails or other harmful plants and bugs after each hike.

They also make a statement! Wandering the woods in these matching dog and owner shirts will surely turn some heads and get some positive attention. When you're matching, people will take notice and you’ll be the envy of the trails. I can attest to this personally!

Why they are our best-selling matching dog and owner shirts

Our hiking dog design “Get Your Tails on the Trails” are a family favorite for taking pictures. A beautiful backdrop of a hiking trail is the perfect setting for a family photo. These shirts are available in sizes accommodating kids to adults and will fit dogs from 5 to 100+ lbs so they make a great option to use for pictures of the whole family, including the fur babies.