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Articles Featuring Fetch The Sun

I Heart Dogs placement for Fetch The Sun in the matching dog and owner shirt guide

I Heart Dogs

9 Best Matching Dog And Human Clothes

Fetch the Sun sells matching t-shirt sets for dogs and their humans. The shirts are made of organic cotton, and they’re perfect for wearing on outdoor adventures with your dog. All the shirts are machine-washable, making them easy to maintain.

New York Lifestyles Magazine features Fetch The Sun dog twinning outfits in their publication

New York Lifestyles Magazine

Paws Down . . . Tails Up

Fans of twinning outfits with their dogs, this one’s for you!

Violet Kanian writes about Fetch The Sun in Beauty Inside Us

Beauty Inside Us

Tail on the Trail

It’s not easy getting matching outfits for the dog, but brands like Fetch the Sun make it super simple… and rewarding. Fetch the Sun is a lifestyle brand for anyone, or any pup, who loves adventure.

Wellness voice interviews Fetch The Sun CEO on sustainable initiatives

Wellness Voice

Green Growth: How Companies Are Embracing Sustainability and Social Responsibility for a Better Future

Experience the future of sustainable fashion with us! In 2021, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards sustainability. With a meticulous focus on ethics and eco-friendly materials, we carefully selected factories that meet our high standards. And in 2022, we were thrilled to introduce our first collection of sustainable clothing.

Majenica Writes featured Fetch The Sun in their Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom gifts

Majenica Writes

Mother's Day Gift Guide: 2023

Discover why Majenica Writes loves our matching dog and owner shirts and why they're the perfect Mother's Day gift for all dog moms!

Canvas Rebel interview with Fetch The Sun about animal shelter donation program

Canvas Rebel

Meet Stephen Ryan

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Stephen Ryan. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with him.

Controlled Confusion features Fetch The Sun's Matching Dog and Owner shirts in their Spring fashion guide

Controlled Confusion

2023 Spring Fashion Guide

So whether you’re looking for a stylish new outfit for you and your gog or just some functional dog clothes, Fetch the Sun has got you covered! Through their monthly animal shelter donation program, Fetch the Sun donates 10% of all sales to these wonderful organizations helping animals.

Hometown paper Times of San Diego features Fetch The Sun in their Easter Gift Guide

Times of San Diego

San Diego Moms: Easter Gift Guide for Children and Pets

Matching Apparel: Want to match your pup? Check out San Diego-based lifestyle clothing company Fetch the Sun for comfortable, matching gear for you and your four-legged baby.

Fetch The Sun featured in Salty and Stylish Valentine's Day Gify Guide for people and dogs

Salty and Stylish

Valentine’s Day Guide For Him, The Kids, and Fur Babies

We’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day gifts, whether its for him, the kids, or your fur babies. Fetch The Sun is an adventure-based, dog lifestyle brand that creates exciting apparel for you and your pup to match!

Home Business Mag features Fetch The Sun in their guide for Valentine's Day gifts for dog lovers

Home Business Mag

Valentine’s and Pre-Spring 2023 Gift Guide

We are approaching the halfway mark of winter. Home business owners are revitalized after the holidays. In addition, they look forward to sunshine, green trees, flowers, and Valentine’s Day.

Mom's Six Little Monkeys lists Fetch The Sun as a great place for gifts for dog lovers

Mom's Six Little Monkeys

Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

Introducing Fetch the Sun - the ultimate dog lover lifestyle brand! They specialize in creating dog clothes that perfectly match your own style. Now you and your furry best friend can rock coordinated outfits and be the envy of everyone you meet.

Authority Magazine interviews Fetch The Sun CEO in their Medium business page

Authority Magazine

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder

TRUST YOURSELF. It’s such simple advice, yet it’s often the hardest thing to do. If you’re trying to tap into a brand-new market, chances are you’ll hear a lot of “warnings” from those around you. They’ll tell you that you’re crazy, that you’re going to fail, and that you should just give up now. But here’s the thing: they’re wrong.

Shoutout SOCAL interviews Steve Ryan, CEO of Fetch The Sun

Shoutout SOCAL

Meet Steve Ryan | Entrepreneur & Dog Lover

We started Fetch the Sun as a lifestyle brand to encourage dog owners to get outdoors with their pups and enjoy the nature that surrounds us all; we strive to be the pack leader in adventure-based matching clothing for people and dogs.

Modern Dog Magazine features Fetch The Sun's matching dog and owner apparel in their issue

Modern Dog Magazine

Fall 2023 Gift Guide

Modern Dog Magazine features Fetch The Sun in their Fall 2023 gift guide for dogs and dog lovers.

Beautiful Touches features Fetch The Sun in their summer fashion guide

Beautiful Touches

2023 Summer Fun and Summer Travel Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Get ready for the ultimate coordination game! Fetch the Sun, the top dog lover lifestyle brand, is here to make sure you and your furry friend are the most stylish duo in town. Their dog clothes are specially designed to match your outfits, so you can strut your stuff and turn heads together.

Beautiful Touches writes about Fetch The Sun and matching dog and owner surf shirts

Beautiful Touches

2023 Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Discover the spotlight on Fetch The Sun in Beautiful Touches' exclusive 2023 Father's Day Gift Guide! Explore why we bring you the absolute top-notch presents for dedicated dog owners and their adorable pups!

Website Miss Molly Says features Fetch The Sun's Matching Dog and Owner Shirts

Miss Molly Says

Matching With Our Pups Just Got Cuter With Fetch The Sun T-Shirts

Do you love coordinating outfits with your furry best friend? If you’re anything like me, then you know that twinning with your pup is not just a fashion statement, but a way to show off your bond and love for each other. And now, it just got even cuter with Fetch the Sun T-shirts!

Website Daily Mom reviews our Matching Dog and Owner shirts

Daily Mom

12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer

Beach-loving, dog lovers can wear the cutest matching T-shirts this spring with their dog! The uber-soft, “No Ruff Waves Women’s Surf Tee in Charcoal” is perfect for a walk on the beach. Of course, you cannot pass up the opportunity to dress like your canine best friend. Can you?

Famadillo features Fetch The Sun's Dog Mom shirts for their 2023 Mother's Day gift Guide


Top 3 T-Shirts for Mom This Mother’s Day

This T-shirt sporting “No Ruff Waves” and a picture of a dog on a surfboard riding the waves is adorable. The T-shirts are super soft and comfortable. The idea behind the brand is for humans and dogs to enjoy outdoor adventures. Why not cuddle with your favorite fur baby this Mother’s Day while lounging in your special tee?

MSN features Fetch The Sun in their 2023 Spring Must Haves Collection


Spring Must Haves - The Best Gifts for Every Budget

This one is for the pet parents. Stylish, soft, and lightweight, this surf shirt is a must-have for any dog dad’s wardrobe. Get your precious pup a tee to match yours! Have your pup looking fresh on their next trip to dog beach and help keep the sand of them with this one-of-a-kind Adventure Fetcher dog shirt.

Champagne Living adds Fetch The Sun to their Winter to Spring fashion list

Champagne Living

Winter to Spring – Transitional Pieces You’ll Want in Your Wardrobe

As a dog lover lifestyle brand, Fetch the Sun focuses on making dog clothes that match their owner’s clothes. This way, you and your pup can coordinate outfits and look great together! But don’t worry, if coordinating isn’t your thing, their clothes also look great on their own.

Scrubs Magazine lists Fetch The Sun as a great place to get Valentine's Day gifts for dog lovers

Scrubs Magazine

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As a dog lifestyle brand, Fetch the Sun focuses on creating apparel for both pets and their owners. This way, pups and their humans can coordinate outfits and look absolutely adorable together, especially for any pet-obsessed individuals in your life.

Sweety High features Fetch The Sun in their cat and dog themed gift guide for dog lovers

Sweety High

The Pet-Lover in Your Life Will Love These Cat and Dog-Themed Holiday Gifts

If you know someone who loves their pets to death, chances are you've seen them get way more excited about a gift for their pet than one for themself—and we don't blame them. Is there anything cuter than wearing matching outfits with your best furry friend?

Boozemakers adds Fetch The Sun's dog dad shirts to their gift guide for trendy guys


Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For Trendy Guys

Fetch The Sun is a lifestyle clothing brand that’s comfortable and personable for your favorite dog-obsessed dad out there – no matter their age! 

Go Solo interviews Fetch The Sun and learns all about their matching dog and owner apparel

Go Solo

Adventure Ready - Fetch The Sun

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Steve Ryan, Co-Founder of Fetch The Sun, located in San Diego, CA where they make apparel for dogs and humans who love adventure.

Scripps Ranch News writes about local company Fetch The Sun in their newspaper

Scripps Ranch News

Fetch the Sun: Pet Apparel

Steve and Jennifer Ryan of Scripps Ranch have created the perfect accessory for dogs that have become part of the family: matching dog and owner shirts!

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