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Frosted Faces Foundation

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About Frosted Faces Foundation

Helping senior animals find love and quality care - that's the mission of Frosted Faces Foundation. Their compassionate non-profit organization ensures that these beloved animals receive the family and veterinary attention they deserve, despite the challenges of finding them forever homes.

Not only do they provide amazing care for senior animals, but they also have programs that assist families in need, ensure the well-being of pets after their owners' passing, and provide a senior dog boarding and day care service.

At Frosted Faces Foundation, their love for dogs drives their mission. Founders Kelly & Andy started by volunteering at a shelter and fostering dogs in need, particularly those who had spent a long time confined to their kennels. Over time, they noticed a pattern that they were often fostering senior dogs who had been returned to the organization. This realization led them to create a special network for these seniors, who need unique care and attention. As their cause gained momentum, they established Frosted Faces Foundation as a nonprofit organization in 2014.

Who Frosted Faces Foundation Serves

Frosted Faces rescues senior animals within the Southern California area whose lives are typically in danger. They are located in Ramona, CA, so it's a quick trip from pretty much anywhere in San Diego.

How Fetch The Sun Supports Frosted Faces Foundation

Through our apparel sales, Fetch The Sun is dedicated to supporting Frosted Faces with financial donations, so they can continue helping senior animals in need.

Links to More Info on Frosted Faces Foundation

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