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Helen Woodward Animal Center

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About Helen Woodward Animal Center

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals. For over four decades, this privately funded institution in San Diego County has passionately championed the belief that both humans and animals can positively impact each other's lives. Situated on a sprawling 12-acre facility in Rancho Santa Fe, California, their renowned Center offers a multitude of services that serve the community, including transformative educational and therapeutic programs for people, as well as compassionate animal care and adoption services.

Other Amazing Helen Woodward Animal Center Programs

In addition to operating a worldclass animal shelter, Helen Woodward also offers many programs and activities throughout the San Diego County.
Their annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon is a must-see competition for any adventure loving dog lover! Watch as the doggies (and their humans) take to the waves and compete in an all-out surf fest at Del Mar Dog Beach in sunny San Diego.

Once a year, HWAC hosts PAWMICON – basically a Comic Con, but for dogs! I mean how cool is that? All the pups get to dress up, mingle and play with each other. There’s also a costume contest and a bunch of vendors selling all things dog related.

They also offer a host of other services to the San Diego community such as animal/wildlife education, therapeutic horse riding, and Ani-Meals – a program dedicated to keeping pets in homes facing financial difficulties

How Fetch The Sun Supports Helen Woodward Animal Center

We have proudly supported the Helen Woodward Animal Center by donating money to their cause via apparel sales. We are also actively involved in a ton of HWAC events and we love HWAC so much that we've even adopted two incredible rescue dogs from the center.

A dog being adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center
Both Snoopy and Lucy were adopted from Helen Woodward

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