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Fetch The Sun logo with dog on the beach in front of mountains with a shining sun.

Fetch The Sun’s 2022 Annual Report to Stakeholders

Stephen Ryan

Feb 4, 2023

This year marks the beginning of our annual tradition of writing to our stakeholders. We are writing to our stakeholders because they have a direct interest in the success of our company. Our stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers, and the animal rescue organizations that we help support. They play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals and objectives and we value their input and feedback as it can help guide our decisions and strategies moving forward.

2022 was a year of change for Fetch the Sun. We realized that our sustainability efforts would only help future generations (and of course their pups) to enjoy the great outdoors. With that, we totally revamped our supply chain and found factories that could not only make our products to our high standards, but also do so with eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics. The vast majority of new Fetch the Sun apparel is being produced with organic cotton and recycled polyester and we have enacted a plan to have 100% of all apparel made with sustainable materials by 2025.

Fiscal year 2022 was our largest year to date for charitable giving. Throughout the year, we were able to grant $8,155.83 in monetary and product donations to numerous animal rescue organizations and homeless shelters throughout the United States and Mexico. This amount is an 18.6% increase from our 2021 donations and a 1,796% increase from our 2020 donations. 

In conclusion, 2022 has been a tremendous year of growth and success for Fetch the Sun. We plan to continue building on this progress in the coming years and remain committed to our sustainability efforts and charitable giving initiatives. We appreciate all of our stakeholders' contributions to the success of our company throughout the year and look forward to continuing to work together in the future. Thank you!

Yours Truly,

Stephen Ryan

Co-Founder & CEO, Fetch the Sun

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