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Introducing a Brand-New Way to Dress Your Dog with Our Adventure Fetcher

Development Team

Nov 15, 2022

Fetch the Sun's Adventure Fetcher dog shirts are the perfect combination of fashion and comfort for your pup. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these shirts come in six sizes to accommodate all breeds of dogs - big or small.

Most dog clothes are designed to slip over a dog’s neck and pullover their body by placing their legs and paws into arm holes. The Adventure Fetcher is a unique dog shirt we’ve developed that allows dog owners to dress their pup in a couple of ways. Use it like a regular dog shirt, or take it apart and snap it up along the sides.

The Adventure Fetcher dog shirt is a convenient and comfortable way to dress your pup. While you can use it like a traditional dog shirt, this one also has an option that doesn't require any manipulation of your dog's paws or legs. It opens up like a clamshell so it can easily be slipped over their neck, and the side snaps make it simple to fasten without having to pull your pup’s legs through the sleeves. This feature makes it an ideal choice for older dogs with arthritis, larger breeds that wouldn't fit through leg holes, or even pups who just don't like having their limbs moved. The best part? You can put the Adventure Fetcher on while your pup is standing or lying down - whatever works best for you both!

-Fetch The Sun Product Development Team

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