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Fetch the Sun for Retailers

Our Fall/Winter 2023 Retailer's Catalog

Place a Wholesale Order

To place a brand direct, wholesale order with Fetch The Sun, please visit our secure online order form. Once submitted, a wholesale sales rep will contact you within 1-2 business days with a shipping quote and invoice. If you would prefer a paper copy, please contact us via the form further down this page.  

Looking to stock matching dog and owner clothing but unsure of which sizes and how many of each shirt type to stock? Relax, we've got you covered. Our curated bulk starter packs are made to get you started. Drawing on our four years of sales data from our website, local dog events, Amazon, and Etsy, we've put together simple-to-order bundles containing curated quantities of the most popular sizes for women, men, and dogs. Click the pdf button below to download a list of our latest premade packs. 

Our Process

Unleash the adventure! Join Fetch the Sun in embracing an active lifestyle for dogs. We're here to ensure that dogs (and their people) can enjoy the great outdoors in ultimate style and comfort. Our mission is to create quality apparel that's both sustainable and ethically produced. From design to delivery, we're committed to providing your customers with an unparalleled experience. Ready to see us in action? Click the arrows below and let us show you how we do it!

Step 1: Creating the Graphics and Color Selection

A distressed, all black Fetch The Sun logo tilted at 20 degrees
A sketch book showing development of Fetch The Sun's original three color logo in pencil and charcoal.

We believe that sharing an active lifestyle with our dogs provides many health benefits for both them and us. That's why at the very first step of product development, we incorporate graphic elements of outdoor adventures that can be easily shared with our dogs. Our philosophy is that by promoting outdoor adventures through our products, we're making dogs happier and improving the world for them. Each bolt of fabric used in creating our apparel is dyed specifically for Fetch The Sun. We handpick the most vibrant, on-trend colors around and integrate them into every piece of our apparel.

Contact Us

To obtain a current wholesale price sheet, a manual order sheet, or for any questions regarding carrying our brand in your shop, please use the contact form below and one of our sales team members will be in touch shortly. 

Get in touch. For catalog and price sheets, please send us a note.

Every Sale Makes a Difference

We have always had a passion for rescuing animals, and we can't bear to think about how many never find their forever homes. We believe that every dog deserves a life full of adventure and a place to call their own. That's why a portion of every purchase you make goes towards supporting animal rescues and shelters. We have partnered with incredible organizations that are making a positive impact on the lives of dogs.

Members of Fetch The Sun making a donation to the San Diego Humane Society

When you shop with us, not only do you get amazing products, but you also play a part in helping dogs in need. The support of our customers has allowed us to make monthly donations since our establishment in 2019, and we are committed to continuously making a difference for animals in need.

Embarking on a Sustainable Journey for the Future

In 2021, we made significant strides towards sustainability by designing eco-conscious clothing and introducing them to the market in 2022. Today, all Fetch The Sun shirts are crafted from eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics. Exceed your customers' expectations with premium quality apparel made only from sustainable materials. Let's go green in style!

As Featured In

Logos of MSN, Modern Dog Magazine, and Wellness Voice featuring Fetch The Sun.

Adventure Fetcher: Clothing for the Bold and Adventurous Pup

Man placing a snap on dog shirt on his large Golden Retriver

The Adventure Fetcher Dog Shirt offers convenience, comfort and style. With its clamshell design featuring easy side snaps, this unique shirt is perfect for dogs with arthritis or those who dislike having their legs moved. It also comes in seven sizes to fit most breeds and can be used like a traditional pullover as well. Made with eco-friendly fabrics and machine washable for easy cleaning, the Adventure Fetcher is ideal for active pups who love outdoor adventures.

Close up of a man using a snap on dog shirt

About Our Brand

At Fetch The Sun, our mission is to spread the message of living an active lifestyle with our dogs by providing high-quality, eco-friendly apparel. We want to inspire people to join us in exploring the outdoors and making every day an adventure. Founded in 2019 by two dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we are a family-owned company located in San Diego, California. Our passion for our pets drives us to make the world a better place through animal rescue initiatives and outreach activities. We are dedicated to helping you express your love for adventure and your furry friends with our unique clothing designs. So come on, join us in making a difference, one dog at a time!

Fetch The Sun Founder Family Photo

Wholesale Terms and Conditions


Once an order is received, please allow 1-2 business days for a shipping quote and invoice. If shipment is partial due to an out-of-stock item(s), a partial invoice will be sent and only the amount for the in-stock items and associated services will be due. Once the backordered items are received by us, and/or drop shipped to the merchant, a subsequent invoice will be sent for the backorder and the order remainder will be due after delivery of subsequent invoices.

A fee of $29.00 will be added for returned checks. Please do not mail cash as Fetch The Sun will not be held liable for lost cash payments that are mailed.


Unless otherwise agreed to by the Merchant and us, shipments will be typically sent within one (1) to two (2) business days after the attached invoice(s) is signed by an authorized representative of the Merchant listed in the Bill To section of the attached invoice(s) and payment is settled (if applicable).

Applicable tracking information will be sent as soon as the shipping labels are created. All shipments should be scheduled for delivery when physical possession of the delivery can occur. We are not responsible for theft of merchandise after delivery is made.


If an item is not in stock, we will create a backorder status on the merchant's account for that item(s) and ship the item(s) when received. We will always inform the merchant of any backorders when the invoice is sent. We reserve the right to cancel and/or make obsolete backordered items at any time. In the event that a backordered item was paid for and subsequently canceled, a refund for that backorder will be made by us.

Sales Tax Exemption

Prior to shipment and payment, all California based businesses purchasing goods from Fetch The Sun are required to submit a CDTFA-230 (California Resale Certificate) to be exempt from California sales tax. A copy will be sent for electronic signature with the invoice on the merchant’s first order from us.

Release of Liability

By accepting delivery of any Fetch The Sun product, the purchaser agrees to use that product only for its intended Use. The merchant assumes, without limitation, all risk of injury, damage, or otherwise arising out of any use other than the intended use of a Fetch The Sun product.

Order Cancellations

Merchants may cancel their order only if order has not yet shipped from Fetch The Sun’s warehouse. Orders cannot be cancelled once shipped. Order cancellation must be received in writing via email from the merchant’s authorized purchaser, or designated representative.

Returns and Refunds

All orders should be inspected upon receipt of delivery. Any issues with the order should be communicated via email to Fetch The Sun within five (5) business days of receipt of order. Defective items, wrong items sent, and/or missing items will be replaced by Fetch The Sun at no additional cost to the merchant.

Returns of unsold merchandise, fifty (50) items or less, are authorized within one (1) year of order delivery. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All returned merchandise must be in its original condition, unused, tags attached, and undamaged. Returned items that are not in the original outer polybag packaging will be assessed a 25% restocking fee.

Merchant responsible for return shipping costs. Merchant is responsible for contacting Fetch The Sun before shipping returns and must provide applicable tracking information via USPS, UPS, or FEDEX for all returned merchandise.

Approval for returns of greater than fifty (50) items is at the sole discretion of Fetch The Sun. Private label and/or custom printed/designed orders are not refundable at any time or in any quantity.

Merchandise delivered over one (1) year ago, used merchandise, merchandise damaged while in the merchant’s possession, and/or merchandise without original tags attached as they were from the factory are not authorized for returns.

Intellectual Property

“Fetch The Sun”, the Fetch The Sun logo, and “Adventure Fetcher” are registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All printed designs are copyrights of LFA Apparel Holdings, LLC DBA Fetch The Sun. All intellectual property is and shall continue to be the property of LFA Apparel Holdings, LLC DBA Fetch The Sun and is protected under applicable copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights.

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