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Doggie Adventures, Episode 1: Del Mar Dog Beach

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Dogs playing on a dog friendly beaches in San Diego

In San Diego and looking for an outdoor adventure with your pup? Check out Dog Beach in Del Mar; birthplace of our brand and inspiration for our first design: No Ruff Waves.

Open year-round, Del Mar Dog Beach is located on Highway 101 (Camino Del Mar), just south of Via De La Valle and north of the San Dieguito river mouth; a short trip from most spots in San Diego.

Dog surfing at Helen Woodward's Surf Dog A Thon 2021 with Faith the Surfing Pitbull and Rusty the Surfing MinPin

Del Mar Dog Beach is a great spot for dogs to play and get fresh air. There’s a huge sand beach to run on and dig up, and lots of ocean to play in. In fact, it’s a common sight to see dogs surfing here and it is home to Helen Woodward’s annual Surf Dog-A-Thon.

Heads up, parking could get congested in the summer months, but it’s not too bad in the off-season. There's paid, metered parking along Highway 101 (Camino Del Mar) and east bound Via De La Valle . There is also some limited free parking along Border Ave.

While there’s a leash law here, it is very loosely enforced. Dogs can be off leash in the off season, the day after Labor Day to June 15th. In the summer months, June 16th through Labor Day, dogs can be off leash from Dawn to 8:00 am and must be leashed from 8:00 am to Dawn. Again, this is loosely enforced, but officially, you could be fined for breaking the leash law. Either way, expect many dogs off leash.

Safety Tips & Best Practices:

• If you plan to let your dog go into the water, it’s highly recommended that they wear a dog life jacket and you should always watch your dog closely while they are in and/or near the water.

• During some of San Diego’s hotter days, the sand could get very hot and hurt a dog’s paws.

A caution sign at Del Mar dog beach in San Diego

• There’s a lot of room to run, so please make sure your dog’s license and tag is affixed to their collar.

• Bring plenty of water for you and your pup.

• As always, please pick up after your dog.

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