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My Dog Has Fleas! Now What? An All Natural Way To Get Rid Of Fleas

Happy cartoon dog on a hiking trail

If you have a dog that loves the outdoors, it's almost inevitable that they'll bring home fleas someday. And when they do, there're so many different ways to get rid of them. In this article, we'll discuss all natural ways to get rid of those fleas.

Disclaimer: Always consult your veterinarian before starting any flea treatment to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your dog's specific needs. Additionally, make sure to thoroughly read and follow the directions on any flea treatment you use.

All Natural Flea Remedies

Image of a flea

These all natural ways to get rid of fleas take a couple of steps and they take time - it's not going to get rid of these pests overnight.

I am not paid or receiving free products to mention any of the brands discussed in this article. These are products that I have personally used and found effective for my dogs' flea issues.

All Natural Flea Bath

Bottle of all natural flea and tick shampoo for dogs

In this step, we'll be giving our dog(s) a bath but instead of regular dog shampoo, we'll be using an all natural flea repellant type of shampoo. I like to use Vet's Best Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo (link to It's got a peppermint scent which is a natural flea repellant. If you click the link above and it doesn't work, just Google the name and it should come up.

SOAK: Start by getting your dog nice and soaked. Please keep in mind the outside temperature of the water and air. If it's too hot/too cold adjust by giving the bath indoors.

LATHER: Once your pup has a good amount of water on them, apply the shampoo and get a really good lather going. Once you think the lather is good enough, get them even more soapy! Although, you should always avoid the eyes and mouth and don't let the shampoo get into them.

Man applying all natural flea shampoo to his dog

SCRUB: Using your hand or a wash mitt, work the shampoo into your dog's fur and try as best as possible to reach their skin. Make sure you're getting in between the paws/toes, and between the legs and body (all the hard to get to areas). If possible, try to let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

RINSE: When rinsing, make sure you do a through job of getting all the soap off. If I'm using my hose, I like to put it on the shower setting and hit the areas while I am wiping the soap off with my hands. You can use a clean wash mitt or towel to help you rinse as well.

DRY: Once all the soap is off and your dog is rinsed, use a towel to help them dry. This will also help get some of the fleas and eggs off as well.

REPEAT: Before moving on to the spot treatment, I like to wash my dogs one more time the following day using the same methods listed above.

All Natural Flea Spot Treatment

Holding a capsule of all natural flea treatment for dogs

Once you get an initial wash or two on your dog, then it's time to apply an all natural spot flea treatment. Sticking with Vet's Best, I like their plant-based Flea + Tick Spot-On Treatment (same, link will take you to Chewy; also, it's for medium size dogs so make sure you're choosing the right treatment pack for your size of dog).

This step is actually pretty fast. Make sure your dog is completely dry. I typically wait 24 hours after their last bath.

To get my dog comfortable, I'll lure her over with some treats in my left hand and once she's taken them, I'll pet her head with that left hand while applying treatment with my right hand.

Application of all natural dog flea treatment to a Golden Retriever

I make a line from the base of her neck down to her tail. Using the applicator tip, I try to part as much hair as possible so the treatment can reach her skin. Always avoid the head, eyes, and mouth.

PArting dog's fur with all natural flea treatment

Try not to bathe your dog or let them get wet for at least 24 hours after treatment. I usually wait 4-5 days before giving them their next bath after treatment. And I wait a full 24-hours before brushing them (listed in next step)


Make sure the spot treatment above has had time to work into your dog's skin before brushing. Again, I like to wait 24-hours after treatment before brushing.

Using a normal flea brush (link to Chewy), brush your dog's fur. Usually after each brush stroke, I like to wipe the fur out with a paper towel.

Clean Your Dog's Stuff

Upon noticing that your dog has fleas, start washing their stuff (if applicable). This includes dog beds, dog clothes, blankets, pillows, and areas they like to hang out in.

dog on a bed with pillows

Use whatever you usually use to clean these items: laundry detergent for blankets/beds, cleaning wipes for surfaces, etc...

After that initial cleaner dries, I like to hit those items with all natural, plant-based Vet's Best Flea & Tick Dog and Home Spray (link to Chewy). Let this spray completely dry before letting your dog(s) back in the area. You can also use this spray on your dog in-between spot treatments and baths. Just be sure not to spray in their eyes and mouth and follow all applicable directions.

Bottle of all natural plant based dog flea cleaner

Unfortunately, since fleas are not going to go away in one day, you'll have to repeat this process a few times. I usually go through this regime around once every other day while the doggos are getting their treatment.

Naturally Flealess

Incorporating all-natural remedies into your regular pet care routine can effectively combat flea infestations in a safe, gentle manner. While it might take a bit of time and consistency, the use of natural products such as Vet's Best ensures that your pack remains comfortable and healthy without the harsh chemicals found in some treatments.


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