Fetch the Sun: Dedicated to Making Adventure Themed Apparel for Dogs & People

Updated: Oct 12

A dog surfing at Del Mar Dog Beach and wearing Fetch the Sun dog clothes
Surf's Up Snoopy!

Shortly after adopting our dog Snoopy and learning about the growing surf dog community in San Diego, I wanted to find some t-shirts related to my passion of surfing and my love of dogs. I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything in that category, short of silly, cartoonish designs printed on cheap, boxy t-shirts. I wanted something more serious, a cleaner design, and something higher quality. There are tons of surf brands, hiking brands, and running brands; but there was nothing out there that tied these outdoor adventures to a dog theme.

After constantly looking for dog themed, adventure-based clothing and coming up empty handed, my wife and I thought, “why don’t we make some; and better yet, why don’t we make it matching?”. And with that, the Fetch the Sun lifestyle brand for dog lovers was born and today, we make dog and owner matching shirts, hoodies, and hats!

Why We Started

We established this brand to inspire people and encourage healthy, outdoor fun with dogs and to make quality dog and owner matching shirts with adventure themes that’s both fashionable and comfortable. Today, we make all of our apparel with outdoor themes from hiking and surfing, to running and camping. And while matching is fun, we give the option to purchase individually. Our human apparel is high quality, comfortable clothing perfect for everyday wear and it provides a way to display the love of dogs and outdoor adventure. Our dog clothing works great for dressing up your pup to look stylish and adventure ready. Also, our dog shirts are useful for anxiety relief and prevention of hot spot and wound aggravation; but please consult a veterinarian first as each pet has varying needs.

A family hiking with their dogs and wearing matching pet and human shirts
We make matching dog and owner apparel for the whole family

Keeping true to our mission, we continue to design our products to inspire and encourage healthy, outdoor fun with dogs. Our philosophy is that the more we can promote doggy adventures, the happier pups will be in the world.

Each Sale Benefits Animal Rescue

Since establishment in 2019, Fetch the Sun has donated a portion of every sale to animal shelters across the United States. Through our monthly animal rescue sponsorship program, we help shelter pets find new, forever homes.

High-Quality, Comfortable, and Adventure-Ready

If you're looking for dog-themed, adventure-based clothing, look no further than Fetch the Sun! We offer high-quality, comfortable clothing perfect for everyday wear. Our matching dog and owner sets are perfect for twinning your best furry bud! And our Dog Mom and Dog Dad shirts are great for showing off your love of dogs and the outdoors. We take an immense amount of pride in our products and we know you'll love them!