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Sustainable Fashion for Dogs and Humans Who Love Adventure

Man and dog on a hiking trail dressed in matching shirts from sustainable fashion company Fetch The Sun

Welcome to a world where passion for adventure meets the commitment to sustainability! If you're a dog owner and an adventure enthusiast like us, then you know how important it is to have gear that reflects your passion for an active lifestyle and love of dogs. But as much as we love to explore the great outdoors, we also care about protecting the environment. That's why at Fetch The Sun, we're committed to providing sustainable fashion for dogs and their humans.


The Importance of Sustainable Fashion

factories billowing smoke

Today’s *fast fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, third only to fossil fuels and agriculture. From carbon emissions during production to excessive water usage and waste disposal, fast fashion has a disastrous impact on our planet.

Polluted water with plastic waste floating

Currently, the fashion industry accounts for a significant slice of the world's carbon footprint — a full 10% each year! This surpasses the total emissions from all the world's planes and ships traveling across oceans and skies. If we continue along this path without a change, we might see our industry's emissions balloon by over half as we move closer to 2030.

*Fast fashion, which refers to inexpensive, mass-produced clothing that quickly goes out of style and is often made with low-quality materials, contributes greatly to this environmental crisis.

What Constitutes Clothing Quality?

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When we say 'quality', we're not just talking about the fabric. Sure, it's a significant part of our manufacturing chain, but it's not the whole pie. From in-depth, quality design to ethical labor practices, and from durable construction to reusability, our apparel entwines its story with that of the Earth. Investing in quality clothing means investing in the future of our environment.

Benefits of durable clothing leading to less frequent replacements:

  • Reduced waste

  • Responsible use of resources

  • Greater savings over time as less money is spent on replacing worn-out garments

  • Promotion of a more mindful and less consumer-driven lifestyle

  • Contribution to a circular economy by enabling clothing to be reused or recycled more effectively


Pack Leaders in Sustainable Fashion: The Fetch The Sun Promise

At Fetch The Sun, we've set out to do much more than just craft clothing. We're stitching together a community that thrives on adventure and companionship, motivating you and your dog to step out into the great outdoors with a purpose. Every product we design is carefully infused with our passion for sustainable living, promising style and comfort without ever turning a blind eye to the well-being of our planet.

Pomeranian in blue dog clothes smelling flowers on a hiking trail
We're so much more than your standard apparel brand—we're co-journeyers on the path to a cleaner, greener world.

Stitching Sustainability Into Our Culture

Woman posing with her dog and wearing sustainable organic cotton matching dog and owner shirts

From the hands that design our pieces to the ones sewing them, we're proud to promote a culture of sustainability. By embracing ethical labor practices and hiring skilled artisans who infuse their love into every stitch, we ensure that our clothes resonate with more than just a fashion statement. Our dedication to quality doesn't stop with the hangers in your closet; it continues into dog apparel. Our dog clothing is designed by experts who understand that our pets deserve the same level of comfort and durability.

Ensuring Long Term Happiness

Every piece of clothing we create at Fetch The Sun isn't just made; it's carefully crafted with an enduring quality that ensures each garment stands the test of time—and adventure. Just as your favorite hiking trail reveals more beauty with each hike, our apparel only gets better as time goes by. Durability is key to sustainable fashion: longer-lasting clothes mean fewer resources used over time, less waste, and, ultimately, a happier planet.

Enduring Fashion

When we create a design, we create ones that will be in fashion for a long time. Doing fun, outdoor things with your dogs never gets old. That means your clothing will be fashionable for its long life and we never have to worry about getting rid of inventory due to fleeting fashion trends (excess inventory from out-of-fashion items significantly contributes to environmental pollution). This also leads to cost savings to our customers; customers of fast fashion are secretly paying premiums on cheap clothing to account for fast fashion's rampant over-production and need to dispose of those items over produced when that fashion trend comes to an end.


Championing Sustainability Through Legislation Support: Fashion Act

Capitol building

In a landmark move for the fashion industry and environmental protection, New York State has proposed the Fashion Act, legislation aiming to hold fashion brands accountable for their environmental impact. The Act mandates that fashion companies operating in New York with global revenues exceeding $100 million disclose their environmental footprints, covering energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption. This historic initiative not only pushes for greater transparency but also encourages companies to take active steps towards more sustainable practices.

At Fetch The Sun, we wholeheartedly support the goals and intentions behind the Fashion Act. Our mission aligns perfectly with the Act's objectives; we’ve always believed in and practiced transparency and responsibility in every aspect of our production process. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is not just about compliance—it's about leading by example and contributing to a significant positive change within the fashion industry and our planet.


Embracing Sustainable Fashion with a Conscious Heart

Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good

While fast fashion leaves behind a heavy carbon footprint, there are many other brands like ours stepping up to the plate, making it their mission to offer alternatives that look good, do good, and feel good. It's clear that the choices we make—in the clothes we wear and the brands we support—can be a powerful force for environmental change. Together, we can opt for a wardrobe that respects our planet, honors the skilled hands that make our garments, and protects the stunning natural playgrounds we love to explore.

Happy couple and their mini Golden Retriever wearing matching dog and owner shirts

As you gear up for your next adventure, remember that your fashion choices are part of the journey. By shopping our eco-friendly collections, you're not just spending on high-quality, sustainable attire, you're investing in the future we all share.



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