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An Adventurer’s Guide to Matching Dog and Owner Shirts

Updated: May 21

Updated to include newly added logo & running sets

Woman and her pup at the beach wearing teal blue matching dog and owner surf shirts

Matching outfits are no longer just for couples - now you and your pup can don the same threads in style! Whether you’re on an adventure, out for a walk, or lounging around the house, there’s nothing quite like matching dog and owner shirts. Discover the key to looking effortlessly stylish together and get ready to embark on a fashionable adventure!

See What Makes Our Dog and Owner Matching Shirts a Must-Have

Happy woman kneeling and petting her three dogs. They are all wearing matching black shirts.

At Fetch The Sun, we make outdoor-inspired matching dog and owner shirts that are stylish and sustainable. With multiple designs to choose from featuring our classic three-color logo and a variety of other outdoor-inspired designs, there’s something for every pup lover out there! Plus, with every purchase, you’ll be supporting animal rescue organizations - so you can look good, feel good, and do good when you purchase your matching dog and owner shirt set.

Outdoor Adventure Designs

We make matching dog and owner shirts for those who love adventure and our apparel celebrates and encourages the active outdoor lifestyle. Whether you and your pup are into running, hiking, walking, or even surfing, we have something for you!

Fetch The Sun Logo

Man teaching his three dogs tricks. They are all wearing matching dog and owner shirts with Fetch The Sun logos.

Experience the thrill of outdoor exploration with our classic three-color logo - a symbol that calls out to adventure dogs around the world! These matching dog and owner shirts come in black and are printed with our Fetch The Sun logo in our original colors: blue, yellow, and green.


No Ruff Waves Surfing

Woman and her white fluffy dog on the beach and dressed up in charcoal gray matching shirts with surf graphics.

The design that started it all! No Ruff Waves features a radical surf dog riding down the face of a huge wave! Available in charcoal gray or teal blue, these matching dog and owner shirts are a must-have for any excursion to Dog Beach!


Tails on the Trails Hiking Collection

Man, woman, and their fluffy Pomeranian Husky wearing teal blue matching dog and owner hiking shirts

Inspired by our favorite activity to do with our dogs, these matching dog and owner hiking shirts feature an adventurous pup exploring nature with picturesque scenery in the background. These shirts come in teal and charcoal and are perfect for those everyday hikes in nature.


Sun Chaser Running Shirts

Couple and their dogs against a white background wearing olive drab matching shirts with running designs.

Get ready to run the trails with your pup in these incredible matching dog and owner running shirts! The shirts feature a dog having the time of his life sprinting alongside a stunning San Diego skyline - a nod to one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world! Available in avocado green.


Matching Dog and Owner Shirts are Eco-Friendly

All Fetch The Sun matching dog and owner shirts are made with 100% eco-friendly fabrics. We use organic cotton and recycled polyester to construct our tees. This gives them an amazingly soft feel while being gentle on our planet. Get ready to rock a stylish and sustainable look!

Every Purchase Supports Animal Rescue

We're passionate about giving back. For every sale, a portion of the proceeds goes towards animal rescue organizations. So, when you purchase a matching shirt for yourself and your dog, you’ll be supporting an amazing cause!

When to Wear Matching Dog and Owner Shirts

Woman sitting on bench with her dog getting ready for a run.

Our collections are perfect for outdoor adventures with your pup. Not only do they feature adventure dogs having the time of their lives exploring nature, but they’re also comfortable, eco-friendly, and fashionable.

Get ready for some matching fun with your dog! Capture the perfect moment in a stunning photo, both rocking adorable matching dog and owner shirts. These precious memories of your epic outdoor adventures will be forever cherished. Not only will you have an amazing photo to show off, but you'll also be celebrating the incredible bond and love you share with your dog(s).

Our Apparel Looks Great on its Own

Trendy woman leaning against a chain link fence with graffitied green cover posing in a dog mom shirt.

Our matching dog and owner shirts look stylish when matching your pup but, they also work great as everyday tees for any dog lover. If you’re a dog lover and an outdoor adventure enthusiast, Fetch the Sun's apparel is bound to become a staple in your wardrobe!

Our shirts are the perfect match for any style - whether you're rocking jeans, khakis, shorts, or even skirts. So get ready to mix and match your wardrobe like never before! The possibilities are endless and the coordination is off the charts.

It's Easy to Order Matching Dog and Owner Shirts from Fetch The Sun

Finding matching dog and owner shirts has never been easier with Fetch The Sun! With *free shipping eligible items available for orders within the United States, plus their knowledgeable team providing sizing assistance on every order, you'll have the perfect fit for your pup in no time. It's easy to shop from our paw-some collection of men's and women's shirts, plus seven sizes to fit almost every breed of dog. Shop with complete confidence and embrace the matching trend today!

Fits Most Breeds and Humans

A large, medium, and small dog sitting in a line and wearing dog clothes.

Discover the perfect fit for your pup with our paw-some collection of dog shirts! Whether you have a pint-sized Yorkie or a majestic Golden Retriever, we have seven sizes to cater to almost every breed. But wait, there's more! We haven't forgotten about you, humans. We also offer an incredible range of men's and women's sizes in all the popular sizes.

Help on Every Order

Uncertain about your dog's size? Don't worry! We provide sizing assistance on every order, and it's coming from a real person, not a robot. Our knowledgeable team has successfully fitted thousands of dogs just by looking at a photo or getting some basic information like breed, gender, and hair length. Shop with complete confidence, knowing that you'll find the PERFECT size for your pup!

Fast Shipping

Get ready to match with your dog in no time! We've got everything you need in stock, so there's no need to wait for your adorable matching dog and owner shirts to be shipped. And that's not all – we're offering *free shipping eligibility for all orders within the United States.

Celebrate the Bond Between You and Your Pup in Style

Couple and three dogs in a studio posing in matching hiking shirts.

Matching dog and owner shirts are a great way to show off your style while also celebrating the bond between you and your pup. Whether you’re out running, surfing, or hiking - Fetch The Sun has something for every adventure!

Our apparel is comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly, and supports animal rescue organizations. So why not order a matching shirt for you and your pup? With our fast shipping, you’ll be matching with your dog in no time!


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