Fetch the Sun: A Lifestyle Brand for Dogs and Humans Who Love Outdoor Adventure

A couple and their dog hiking and wearing matching dog and owner shirts
Fetch the Sun is the first lifestyle brand to specialize in creating outdoor adventure apparel for dog lovers

Fetch the Sun is an outdoor adventure lifestyle brand that’s focused on designing and creating stylish clothes for dog owners and their pups. It’s made specifically for those cool adventure dogs and humans that aren’t afraid to get out and explore nature.

Get Outdoors and Fetch the Sun

A woman and dog at a beach and wearing matching dog and owner surf shirts
Matching dog and owner No Ruff Waves surf shirts are perfect for dog beach

We love to dress for the adventures we’re embarking on, and it makes sense that our furry friends have a wardrobe just as cool. We started this label to ensure dog lovers had their own outdoor adventure lifestyle brand with the option to match their pups too!

All of our designs have incorporated elements of outdoor adventures that can be easily shared with our four-legged best buddies. From our Tails on the Trails hiking line to our No Ruff Waves surfing tees, we have matching dog and owner clothes to celebrate all your shared journeys.

Match. Coordinate. Stand Out.

We're more than just another dog clothing brand. We're a lifestyle brand for dog lovers who want to match their furry friend in style. Fetch the Sun makes dog clothes that match their owner's! This way, you and your pup can coordinate outfits and look great together! And our dog clothes are not only fashionable but functional as well. They are made from soft organic cotton that is perfect for mimicking a hug, keeping your pup warm or minimizing shedding.

A couple and their dog at the beach and wearing matching dog and owner surf shirts
The best way to enjoy the waves is with your best friends by your side.

Be the Most Stylish Dog Owner

A couple wearing matching dog mom and dog dad shirts
Just another day living the outdoor adventure lifestyle

If coordinating isn't your thing, our clothes also look great on their own. Our human clothes are designed with comfort and adventure in mind, perfect for everyday wear and a great way to show your love of both dogs and outdoor adventure.

Like our dog shirts, human shirts are made responsibly using the finest organic cotton available. Our dog lover apparel has become an instant hit with dog moms and dads alike and has come to be a staple in their wardrobes. And our apparel is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most humans.

So whether you're looking for a stylish new outfit for you and your dog, a new dog mom/dad shirt, or some functional dog clothes, we’ve got you covered!

Adventure Fetcher Revolutionizes Dressing Your Dog

A photo of a dog wearing a Fetch the Sun Adventure Fetcher dog shirt
Fetch the Sun’s trademarked Adventure Fetcher makes dressing your pup a snap

Most dog clothes are designed to slip over a dog’s neck and pullover their body by pulling their legs and paws into arm holes. The Adventure Fetcher is a unique dog shirt we’ve developed that allows dog owners to dress their dog in a couple of ways. The side snaps allow the user to open the shirt in a clamshell like fashion, easily slip over the neck and snap along the sides to reduce leg/paw manipulation.

This is extremely helpful in older dogs with arthritis, taller dogs whose legs are not as easy to slip through the leg holes, and for pups who just don’t like their legs moved.

While the Adventure Fetcher dog tee sports these convenient snaps, the shirt can also be used as a regular pullover by leaving the shirt together. Either way, it makes dressing your pup as simple as possible.

And it’s available in a variety of sizes to fit most dog breeds small and large. Please see our sizing page to get more information and to find the best fit for your pup.

Our Unique Outdoor Adventure-Based Lifestyle Brand

A girl hiking with her dog and wearing matching pet and owner hoodies and trucker hats
We're on a mission to bring stylish, functional dog-themed clothing that'll make you the envy of all your friends!

There are a lot of different dog clothing brands out there to choose from. You've got your high-end couture brands that offer down jackets starting at $650, and then you've got your bargain brands that offer shirts on super sites starting at $3.00.

But what if you're looking for a brand that offers high-end, quality designer dog clothes at reasonable prices? That's where Fetch the Sun comes in. We consider price AND quality.

We're the only outdoor adventure-based lifestyle brand that offers quality dog clothes for everyone. All of our apparel is manufactured responsibly & ethically, and our human and trademarked Adventure Fetcher dog shirts are made from organic cotton.

Your Purchase Will Make a Difference

We wish we could adopt every dog. They all deserve a loving home. Unfortunately, we can't and that's why we donate to shelters. By doing so, we help as many dogs as possible get the food, shelter, and medical attention they need. For each Fetch the Sun shirt sold, regardless of where you purchase, we donate $2 to Animal Rescue Organizations throughout the United States.

Shop Our Online Store Today

A woman and dog hiking and wearing matching dog and owner shirts
Matching dog and owner hiking shirts are perfect for any trail

If you're into dogs and outdoor adventures, and want to dress the part, check out our brand. All U.S. orders over $50 qualify for free, fast shipping. And don't forget to tag us in your photos on social media (IG @Fetch_the_sun) --we love seeing our products in action!