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The Fun and Benefits of Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Why take your dog to the beach?

Dog wearing a Fetch the Sun dog shirt with a surfing dog design

At Fetch the Sun, we love doggy adventures, and going to the beach with our pups is one of our favorites! Taking your dog to the beach can be a great way to spend quality time together and provide them with fun, healthy activities. Playing in the surf is an excellent source of exercise for dogs and provides important mental stimulation, allowing them to explore and experience new sights and smells. A trip to the beach can also give your pup valuable socialization opportunities if you choose a safe, open area where they can interact with other animals.

Not only will your pet have a great time, but numerous health benefits come with it as well! Spending time at the beach gives your pup plenty of fresh air and vitamin D from all that sunshine. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a happy pup running around, chasing the waves and making incredible memories? So grab your pup's leash, pack up their favorite toys, and head to the beach for some quality time with your best friend!

What to bring when taking your dog to the beach

Dachshund at the beach
Most importantly, don’t forget me!

There are a few things you'll need to take on your beach trip with your pup, most of which are easy to find at any pet store.

  • A leash and collar or harness are important for ensuring your dog stays safe

  • Bring ID (collar/tags, microchip) for your dog

  • Plenty of water for you and your pup

  • Snacks and doggy treats

  • Collapsible Bowls for Water & Food

  • Dog blanket or beach towel for your pup

  • Disposable Waste Bags

  • First Aid Kit (just in case) -Learn More

  • Dog Life Jacket (if you’ll be taking your pup out on the water) -Learn More

  • Toys (frisbee, balls, etc.)

  • A good brush for after the beach (to get rid of sand/ticks/etc.)

  • Camera to capture all the fun