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6 Simple & Effective Tips for Photographing Your Dog

Updated: May 21

Fluffy dog laying down in nature with a stick in his mouth and wearing a hat
Photo by: Sara Brant

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur shutterbug, photographing your dog can be a fun experience. Pictures of your pup are great for memories. But, they can also be used to show off your dog's personality, good looks, and special talents. Here are a few tips for photographing your dog:

6 Tips for Photographing Your Dog Like a Pro

Miniature Golden Retriever in the sunset looking back at the camera
Photo by: Sara Brant

1. Get Down on Their Level

One of the best ways of photographing your dog is to get down on their level. This not only allows you to get closer to them, but also puts you in their line of sight, making it easier for them to make eye contact with the camera.

2. Use Treats or Toys to get Their Attention

If you're having trouble getting your dog to look at the camera, try using treats or toys as an incentive. Simply hold up a treat in front of the camera (take care not to block the lens) or dangle a favorite toy just out of reach to get their attention. Once they're focused on the camera, quickly snap away! Remember, hold the treat and/or toy where you want your dog to look.

3. Find the Right Lighting

Up close photo of a fluffy Husky wearing a dog hat
Photo by: Sara Brant

Whenever possible, try to take advantage of natural light. Early morning and late afternoon are typically the best times for taking pictures outdoors. Photographing your dog at sunset or in the middle of the night can also create beautiful, unique effects. If you're shooting indoors, try to find a room with windows that provides plenty of natural light. If that's not possible, artificial lighting can work well too.

4. Try Different Angles

Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives when taking pictures of your dog. Get up high, down low, or even behind them for unique shots that will really stand out.

5. Capture Their Personality

Close up of a happy boxer in a black dog shirt
Photo by: Sara Brant

One of the best things about dogs is their unique personalities, so make sure to capture that in your photos. Whether they're playful and energetic or calm and relaxed, show off what makes them special. And when photographing your dog, don't forget the little things, like their cute paws or wagging tail.

6. Edit Your Photos

A picture collage showing before and after edits in Microsoft Photos
Edited using Microsoft's free Photos app. Just a few simple adjustments of brightness, contrast, and exposure transformed this overexposed photo into a keeper.

Once you've taken some great shots of your dog, don't forget to edit them to really make them shine. You don’t need an expensive program to do this either and most free programs that come with Macs, PCs, and smartphones can accomplish these simple edits. Basic adjustments of brightness and contrast, or an application of a filter can change a dull photo into a bright and vibrant masterpiece. Just a few simple tweaks in a photo editing program can make all the difference in the world.

Get Action Shots of Your Dog

Small dog leaping through the air in a field of grasses
Photo by: Bill Tayler

Dogs are always on the move, so why not capture that in your photos? Action shots can be some of the most fun and interesting pictures to take. Just be sure to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. If you want to get some great action shots of your dog, there are a few things you can do. First, try to find a time when your dog is particularly active and playful. This could be first thing in the morning, after a walk, or even during a game of fetch.

Another great way to get action shots is to use a toy or treat to get your dog moving. This can be especially helpful if your dog is normally less active. Just hold the toy or treat up in the air and let them jump and run to catch it. You should be able to capture some great shots this way.

Small dog playing in the sand
Photo by: Sara Brant

Finally, don't forget that you can always just ask someone to help you out by playing with your dog while you take pictures. This can be a great way to get some truly candid shots as well as some adorable ones of your pup in action.

Get a Photo of You and Your Dog Together

Dressing in Fetch the Sun matching apparel presents a perfect opportunity to grab some awesome pics of you and your pup. If you're not into matching outfits, that's okay too! You can still get some great photos of you and your dog by simply being in the moment and enjoying each other's company. Snuggle up close, give each other some love, and let the camera capture the special bond between you and your furry friend.

Smiling woman sitting with dog on a bench dressed in matching shirts
Photo by: Lisa Shadburn

Get that perfect photo of you and your pup by taking some selfies, or ask a friend to snap some shots of the two of you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking a selfie with your dog to ensure that the picture comes out looking great. First, it is important to have your dog sitting or standing still so that the focus of the picture is on the dog and not on any movement. Secondly, make sure that the camera is at eye level with your dog - this will help to capture their cute face in the best way possible. And again, use treats or toys to help get your dog's attention so that they are looking directly into the camera. By following these simple tips, you'll be sure to snap a perfect selfie with your furry friend!

Have fun with it

White Husky with blue eyes looking right into the camera
Photo by: Sara Brant

With a little practice, anyone can take great photos of their dogs. So grab your camera and start snapping away! And, most importantly, have fun with it. After all, your dog is sure to appreciate the attention.

In San Diego and looking to get professional photos of you and your pup? Check out the extremely talented Sara Brant and book her for your next shoot!


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