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The Best Presents for Dogs, and Their Owners

Updated: May 21

Updated for the Holiday 2023 season

When it comes to finding the perfect present for dogs, it can prove to be more difficult than anticipated. Size, chew toy density, and diet can all play a part in making doggy gift shopping difficult - especially if you're shopping for someone else's dog.

Cute dog with a holiday bandana sitting in front of a Christmas tree and presents

Best Presents for Dogs, 2023

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out our top picks for presents that any dog (and their owner) is sure to love. From matching dog and owner clothing to gift certificates for outdoor adventures, we've got something for everyone. No matter what the occasion, a gift from the heart is always sure to please. So take a look at our top picks and find the perfect present for that special dog lover in your life.

Adventure Based Gifts

Looking for a gift for that outdoor adventure-loving dog? Check out these picks!


Stand-Up Paddle Board Lessons with People and Dogs

Woman stand-up paddleboarding with her dog in Mission Bay San Diego

Give the gift of adventure! Do you know someone who loves spending time with their dog and also enjoys being out on the water? A great gift for them would be a gift card for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) lessons with their furry friend! SUP is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying nature, and it's also a bonding experience for both owner and dog. If you know someone who would love this unique gift, surprise them with some SUP lessons today!

Is your gift recipient in San Diego? Check out Sam at Sup Pups. She’s the best in the biz and offers gift cards for SUP lessons with humans and dogs!


Adventure Themed Dog Clothing

Chunky fluffy white dog sitting on the beach and wearing a surf shirt

Dogs are a big part of many people's lives, so it's no surprise that dog clothes have become a popular dog present choice. From dog shirts to hats, there is no shortage of fun and unique dog clothing that Fetch the Sun has to offer. Our trademarked Adventure Fetcher shirts are one-of-a-kind dog shirts that are perfect for any dog who loves to explore and have adventures. And these shirts come in seven sizes to fit almost every dog breed! Plus, a portion of every sale is donated to animal rescue.


Supplies for Everyday

Sometimes the best gift is something that the dog uses every day. Here are our top picks for useful items that any pup would love.


A Clean Pup is a Happy Pup

Bottle of Bohdi Dog shampoo with oats in background

At Fetch the Sun, we’re always going on adventures with our four-legged besties! And with these adventures, come very dirty dogs. We’ve searched high and low for the best doggy shampoo and finally found a favorite with Bodhi Dog. Check out their oatmeal and baking soda shampoo, it’s a miracle worker! This soap is gentle on the dog’s skin and neutralizes pet odors.


Gift Certificate to a Local Pet Store

Woman holding a small fluffy dog and handing a gift card in a pet store

When searching for the perfect gift for someone else's furry friend, consider a gift card from a local pet shop. Local pet stores offer a superior selection of dog products, including those made in the USA or Canada, guaranteeing high-quality items while supporting local businesses. These stores also foster personal connections with staff members who will become familiar with you and your pets. Most importantly, shopping locally benefits your community by bolstering the local economy and creating jobs. By choosing to shop at a local pet store, you contribute to the strength and vitality of your community.


Gifts for Dog Owners Too

Show all those paw-some dog owners out there some love too with this curated list of dog owner gifts.


Dog Loving Kid?

Copy of Adventures of Derby California book

There are lots of kids who love dogs and chances are that this year, you'll be Christmas shopping for one of them. If you find yourself looking for that perfect gift, check out this amazingly cute book by Kentucky and Derby. The Adventures of Derby California - Derby Learns to Surf is a mostly true story about a rescue dog and his dad who move to California and fall in love with surfing. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations and it's sure to be a favorite with any dog lover.


WoofPack Trails

Quad view of Woofpack Trails dog walking bag in red with dog poop pouches

Check out the WoofPack Trails walking accessory bag! It’s the ideal gift for any dog owner! This bag is the “go-to” carryall for dog lovers on-the-go; perfect for hiking and walks! Features a special antimicrobial compartment to store bagged doggie waste until it can be disposed of properly, plus the separate pockets allow for easy access to essentials such as treats, keys, phone, etc. It's stylish and comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that your friend or loved one will love.


An Adorable Print of Their Dog

Custom printed mug with a dog's photo and blue handle

Dog lovers absolutely love showing their pups off! So why not get them something with their doggies printed on it? Check out our friend Christina’s Etsy shop Pets and Prints Co. Based in Sydney Australia, she makes all sorts of cool, personalized products for dog lovers. Just send her a picture of your gift recipient’s dog and she’ll do a beautiful job of placing that image on a mug or portrait.


Dog-Themed Apparel

Woman wearing a charcoal shirt with a hiking dog on it

For every item of clothing Fetch The Sun makes for dogs, they also make a matching one for people! While a set of matching dog and owner shirts is a great gift, Fetch The Sun shirts can be worn on their own and are perfect for everyday wear.


So Many Choices

There are so many great gift ideas for dog lovers out there! And we've just scratched the surface. From matching dog and owner outfits to doggy shampoo to amazing bags for poo, there's something for every dog lover on your list. So, get shopping and make sure to include a little something for their furry friend too! After all, they're also part of the family!


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