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Why Should I Buy Clothes for my Dog? 7 Little-Known Benefits of Dog Clothing

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A Pomsky wearing dog clothes consisting of a dog hoodie and a trucker hat for dogs

Dogs are a part of the family and many dog owners choose to dress their furry friends in clothes. Dogs love to run and play outdoors, but when the weather gets cold, they need a little extra protection. That's one way where dog clothes can come in handy. Clothes can keep your pup warm in cold weather, protect their skin from the sun and bugs, and help them look fashionable and stylish.

Dog clothes can also make it easier to identify your pup if they ever get lost, provide a calming effect, contain shedding, and offer a wound care alternative. If you're on the fence about whether or not to dress up your pup, check out these top benefits!

  1. Provides an extra layer of warmth

  2. Provides an extra layer of comfort

  3. Additional skin protection

  4. Who doesn't love a cute puppy in clothes?

  5. Easily ID your dog when out playing

  6. Dog shirts help keep your house clean

  7. Protection for wound and/or post-surgery care

1. Provides an extra layer of warmth

A small dog wearing a camping dog shirt and looking out over a majestic view

While a dog's natural coat can provide some insulation against the elements, in colder months they may benefit from some extra help staying warm and dog clothes can be the answer. Varying factors such as temperature, exposure duration, fur length, etc... will determine if your pup needs a dog shirt, hoodie/sweater, or something more heavy duty.

Dog shirts provide a lighter, yet additional layer of insulation that can help prevent your pup from getting cold during chilly winter walks. Dog hoodies take this layer one step further and are a great way to keep your furry friend extra cozy, especially when they're out in the cold weather for extended periods of time. Fetch the Sun dog hoodies are perfect for keeping your pup snug & warm and there's also a matching hoodie for dog moms & dog dads!

Just like with us humans, sometimes layering is the way to go and will allow you to slip layers on and off as the weather changes and/or the activity level increases/decreases. For example, no clothes during the mid-afternoon period, a dog shirt for late afternoon, and then a dog shirt augmented with a hoodie/sweater as the sun goes down. Dressed or not, you should never leave your dog unsupervised in the cold. Take a look at more ways to protect your dog during the winter season.

2. And, provides an extra layer of comfort