Why Should I Buy Clothes for my Dog? 7 Little-Known Benefits of Dog Clothing

Updated: Sep 26

A Pomsky wearing dog clothes consisting of a dog hoodie and a trucker hat for dogs

Dogs are a part of the family and many dog owners choose to dress their furry friends in clothes. Dogs love to run and play outdoors, but when the weather gets cold, they need a little extra protection. That's one way where dog clothes can come in handy. Clothes can keep your pup warm in cold weather, protect their skin from the sun and bugs, and help them look fashionable and stylish.

Dog clothes can also make it easier to identify your pup if they ever get lost, provide a calming effect, contain shedding, and offer a wound care alternative. If you're on the fence about whether or not to dress up your pup, check out these top benefits!

  1. Provides an extra layer of warmth

  2. Provides an extra layer of comfort

  3. Additional skin protection

  4. Who doesn't love a cute puppy in clothes?

  5. Easily ID your dog when out playing

  6. Dog shirts help keep your house clean

  7. Protection for wound and/or post-surgery care

1. Provides an extra layer of warmth

A small dog wearing a camping dog shirt and looking out over a majestic view

While a dog's natural coat can provide some insulation against the elements, in colder months they may benefit from some extra help staying warm and dog clothes can be the answer. Varying factors such as temperature, exposure duration, fur length, etc... will determine if your pup needs a dog shirt, hoodie/sweater, or something more heavy duty.

Dog shirts provide a lighter, yet additional layer of insulation that can help prevent your pup from getting cold during chilly winter walks. Dog hoodies take this layer one step further and are a great way to keep your furry friend extra cozy, especially when they're out in the cold weather for extended periods of time. Fetch the Sun dog hoodies are perfect for keeping your pup snug & warm and there's also a matching hoodie for dog moms & dog dads!

Just like with us humans, sometimes layering is the way to go and will allow you to slip layers on and off as the weather changes and/or the activity level increases/decreases. For example, no clothes during the mid-afternoon period, a dog shirt for late afternoon, and then a dog shirt augmented with a hoodie/sweater as the sun goes down. Dressed or not, you should never leave your dog unsupervised in the cold. Take a look at more ways to protect your dog during the winter season.

2. And, provides an extra layer of comfort

A man and his dog wearing matching dog and owner hoodies

Dog clothes can also keep your pup comfortable in a variety of situations. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or social anxiety can benefit from wearing a shirt that provides a sense of security and comfort. The pressure and/or weight of the clothing can help to ease your dog's anxiety and help them to feel more relaxed.

When fitted a little snug, dog shirts can have a calming effect on dogs as it mimics a warm hug or a swaddle. This can be especially beneficial during times of stress or when you are away from your pup as dog clothes can help dogs feel secure and relaxed in new environments. Veterinarian’s guidance should always be obtained first if you’re dog has an anxiety condition.

3. Additional skin protection

Dog clothing can help keep your dog’s skin safe from harmful UV rays and bug bites. Just like people, dogs can get sunburned, and their fur doesn't always provide enough protection. A dog shirt can help prevent sunburn and keep your pup comfortable. Dressed or not, it’s always good practice to use dog friendly sunscreen if your dog will be exposed to the sun.

If you live in an area with a lot of bugs, dog shirts can be a huge relief for your pup. No more itchiness or scratches from those pesky bugs! Additionally, dog shirts can also help protect against dirt and debris getting on their fur. This is particularly helpful if you have an adventurous dog who loves to play outside and get dirty often. However, you should routinely check your pup for ticks, other bugs, foxtails, debris, etc.., especially after nature hikes.

4. Who doesn't love a cute puppy in clothes?

A Welsh Corgi puppy wearing a dog shirt with a surfing graphic on it

Not only are dog clothes functional, but they can also make your pup look fashionable. Dogs look absolutely adorable when they're all dressed up, and it can be a fun way to show off your pup’s own sense of style. Plus, it's a great way to get some ohhhs & ahhhs from your friends and family.

At Fetch the Sun, we believe that every dog deserves to look and feel their best. That's why we carry a wide selection of stylish, fashionable, & comfortable dog clothes, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a matching outfit for you and your pup to wear on your next beach vacation, a new trucker hat, or just a cute new sweatshirt to keep them warm during walks, we have something for everyone.

So why not take a look at our collections today and find the perfect outfit for your four-legged friend? Your pup is sure to love it!

5. Easily ID your dog when out playing

A group of dogs playing in the sand at Del Mar Dog Beach in Southern California

Have you ever been at the dog beach or park, and seen a sea of brown or black dogs and thought, "How am I ever going to find my pup in this mess?" No more worrying about losing your furry friend in a sea of other pups - with a distinctly colored dog shirt, you'll be able to spot them from a mile away. We never want to think about it, but If your dog ever gets lost, dog clothes can help you identify them. A recognizable dog shirt or sweater can be a lifesaver if your dog ever escapes from your yard or house.

6. Dog shirts help keep your house clean

If you're tired of finding your dog's hair everywhere you look, a dog shirt may be the answer. Dogs shed year-round, but the shedding is usually worse in the spring as they come out of their winter coats. Wearing a dog shirt can help minimize the mess made from shedding by containing the hair and keeping it from spreading on your furniture, floors, and clothing. Wearing dog clothing can make life a little easier for dog owners.

7. Protection for wound and/or post-surgery care

A dog wearing dog clothes to help with post-surgery recovery

Dogs are compulsive lickers and one of the times this can cause issues is when the pup is recovering from hot spots, a wound, or a post-surgery incision. Some of our dogs are super-smart and have figured out ways to escape the E-collar/cone. Dog shirts offer an alternative to the cone and perform more of the same function of preventing a dog licking their wounds and/or incision site post-surgery.

However, this is dependent on where the affected area is as dog shirts only cover a certain portion of the dog’s body. Before using a dog clothing to remedy these issues, please consult a veterinarian first as each pet has varying needs.

Your dog will thank you

A woman and her puppy on a hiking trail wearing matching owner and dog shirts from Fetch the Sun

Dog clothing offers a variety of benefits that can make your life easier and improve your dog’s health and comfort. Whatever the season or reason, dressing up your furry friend in some stylish duds can be beneficial for both of you.

So, whether you’re looking for a functional or fashionable way to dress your dog, Fetch the Sun has some great options for not only dog clothes, but also matching apparel for dog moms and dads too. Shop with us today and give your furry friend the title of best dressed!

Always supervise your pet to ensure they do not ingest or destroy the clothes.