Fun, Comfortable & Stylish Matching Dog Clothing for Everyone

Updated: Mar 29

Fetch the Sun makes the best matching dog apparel for adventure.

Fetch The Sun makes matching dog clothing for humans and their dogs who love adventure. Our matching dog clothing celebrates and encourages the active outdoor lifestyle. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to match my dog? Won’t I look silly?” The answer to that is, “heck no!”

A woman and her dog camping and sitting outside of a tent wearing matching dog apparel.

There are many benefits to wearing dog and owner matching shirts. One of them is that it builds confidence when stepping out in matching clothes. Not only is it attention grabbing but it also helps solidify your connection and bond with your pup.

When you have confidence, it is also sensed by your dog, who will in return gain more confidence as well. It’s a win-win situation! If your whole family is wearing it together with your dog(s), think of what an unstoppable force that would be!

Our designs make it easy to comfortably match your dog while doing the activities you love to do together. Fetch The Sun offers matching dog clothing for people who love everything from going to the beach, hiking, camping to just hanging out with their dog at their local brewery.

What better way to match then with a stylish design that also matches the activity? Heading to dog beach with matching No Ruff Waves shirts will be quite the fashion statement! Watching Fido splash in the waves or dig in the sand while you observe close by in your matching dog and owner shirts sounds like a great day out to me.

And what a great photo op to have a picture of you and your dog in front of the tent while rocking your matching dog and owner shirts featuring our Inner Wolf camping design. It's sure to create a frame worthy memento of your wonderful adventure together in the great outdoors. Everyone at the dog park will know which beautiful or handsome dog(s) belongs to you if you are wearing matching dog shirts too! You and your dog(s) will be the envy of dog park for sure.

Matching Dog Apparel For Outdoor Adventures

Fetch the Sun’s matching dog shirts fit almost every breed of dog and comes in ten sizes to fit Teacup Yorkies all the way to Great Danes! Our human shirts are available in sizes for toddlers, youth and all the way up to plus size adults.

You may have noticed that matching dog apparel is a growing trend in the fashion industry. Many celebrities are out and about in matching dog and owner shirts to matching Christmas PJs with their canine companions. What will set you apart from the Hawaiian shirt wearing matching dog shirt team on the beach blanket next to you is unique designs with easy-to-use shirts.

If your dog ends up covered in sand, as he should at dog beach, no need to worry about him ruining an expensive garment and you being left lonely in your now non-matching Hawaiian shirt. Fetch The Sun matching dog shirts are easy to use and easy to launder as well, which makes it wonderful for everyday use.

With its growing popularity, matching dog apparel makes the best gift for dog lovers in your life. It is always a fun surprise to open a matching dog apparel outfit as a gift.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because they can take a family picture in the matching dog shirts and send it to you on your next birthday! Many families like to take family pictures in matching outfits and we all know our dogs are our family, so more often than not, they will be included in these pictures. Matching dog and owner shirts are the way to go!

Ask any photographer where the best place to take picture and they will tell you; nothing is better than nature’s own lighting. The golden hour with a natural real outdoor backdrop is sure to result in stunning family photos. Why not do it in a hiking design to complete the outdoor feel of adventure and family togetherness? Matching dog apparel makes it easy to capture these lasting memories with your fur babies included.

There’s no doubt about it, Fetch the Sun offers the most versatile, easy and smart way to achieve the fashion sense of celebrities while being comfortable, confident and convenient. Matching dog shirts are always a great gift to give or receive. So remember to bring along your matching dog apparel on you and your pup’s next adventure.

Brothers and Sisters Love Matching Dog Apparel

Brothers and Sisters posing with their dogs in matching dog apparel.

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