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Where to Find the Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

This blog has been moved into our historical archive as the specific products discussed below are no longer available. This archive helps preserve the history of the Fetch the Sun brand and shows how we've grown over time. Please check out our new products here.

A cute dog sitting in front of a Christmas tree with wrapped presents in the background.

Here we are again, holiday shopping season is upon us; and like the rest of us, you’re probably stumped on what to get for the people in your life, especially dog lovers.

So, if you’re shopping for a dog mom or dog dad, we have the best gifts for dog lovers ready to ship today: matching dog and human apparel! At Fetch the Sun, we love dogs too and a portion of each sale is donated to animal rescue organizations across the country. Check out our philanthropy mission here.

A man and his Great Dane wearing matching dog and owner hiking shirts.

Dressing up in matching shirts with your dog is not only fashionable, but also fun! Whether you’re going to the dog park, beach, or just on a walk around the neighborhood, you’re going to do so in style. Matching your pup in our adventure-based clothing celebrates that special bond between dogs and their humans and encourages us to give our pups the best life possible by getting active in nature with them.

Check out all our clothing lines and see why people are raving about our matching sets being the best gifts for dog lovers. Our dog and owner matching apparel is available different designs. We also carry matching hoodies and trucker hats that are just too cute.

Our Line Up of Matching Dog and Owner Shirts

We know there are some dogs who just don’t like wearing shirts, and that’s ok. Fetch the Sun apparel can be purchased individually. Our t-shirts feature a wide range of outdoor adventures with dogs and are perfect gifts for dog moms and dads. Their fit, quality, and softness will make these a go-to, everyday tee in any dog lover’s wardrobe. Dog shirts can be used as an anxiety relief aid when fitted snug and for wound and post-surgery care; however, please always consult a veterinarian first.